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I Started Out As A Child!

Welcome to my completely overhauled web site!
It has taken quite a bit of work to pull all these pages into a semblance of uniformity.
Many of these pages were developed back in the old Win95 days and just had things tacked on from time to time, and some obsolete code revamped, just to get it working again.
Now as you can see, it's state of the art Fully Validated XHTML/CSS! NOTE: Now, 5 years later, upgraded to HTML5
Not bad for an old (older) man, eh!

I don't have a whole lot here yet, but I'm sure I can really have some fun with this page, now that I have most of my old pictures scanned into digital media!

I Started Out As A Child!

It wasn't all my fault, nor did I have the opportunity to pick my parents, and if the truth were known, perhaps they would not have picked me either.

Gary age 6 Months

Everything started out OK, but that only lasted about one week.  THEN, God, in his infinite wisdom, added 'odor' to the poo-poo, and I have been a little stinker ever since.

Appearances can be deceiving, the smile was probably caused by gas!

Gary Deutschmann age 2 Years

About the only thing really eventful that occurred in my life, was that we moved from a little cottage with boarded floor into a real house, where there were literally tons of things for me to do and places to explore.

Parents really don't understand the urge to explore, find treasures and broaden one's knowledge.  During a very desperate period in my life, when I was told no-no to everything I discovered, and suffering from severe growing pains, I eventually found it necessary to arm myself and take control of the situation.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to add some more gory details to fill in between the age of 2 and the age of 50.  But for now, I am jumping straight to a picture of this old man, taken at my sons wedding.  That way at least you can see I AM really as ugly as the rumors say I am.

Gary Deutschmann

It's never too late
to live a happy
second childhood!

In these next photos, Some friends had stopped by and we ended up having a late night snowball fight out in 5 degree weather with 10 inch deep snow.
Some of the snowball fight ended up coming indoors.   Talk about a mess!

Below Photos taken December 19, 2000

Gary Deutschmann   Gary Deutschmann
Gary Deutschmann   Gary Deutschmann

Below photo taken 1/1/2001

Gary Deutschmann 2001

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