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English #101

Thanks for venturing into my Living Room!

Make yourself at home and have a seat close to the fire. Would you believe I got an "A" for this, way way back in my High Skewl Daze!

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English Lit. * Lesson #101

       We'll Begin With BOX, and the Plural is BOXES,
            But the Plural of OX Should Be OXEN, Not OXES,
                 Then ONE Fowl is GOOSE, But TWO are Called GEESE,
                      Yet the Plural of MOOSE Should Never Be MEESE;

       You May Find a Lone MOUSE, or a Whole Lot of MICE,
            But the Plural of HOUSE is HOUSES, Not HICE.
                 If the Plural of MAN is Always Called MEN,
                      Why Shouldn't the Plural of PAN be Called PEN?

       The COW in the Plural may be COWS or KINE,
            But a BOW, if Repeated is Never Called BINE,
                 And the Plural of VOW is VOWS, Not VINE.

       And Speak of a FOOT and You Show Me Your FEET,
            Yet if I Give You a BOOT, Would a Pair be Called BEET?
                 If One is a TOOTH, and the Whole Set are TEETH,
                      Why Shouldn't the Plural of BOOTH be BEETH?

       If the Singular is THIS and the Plural is THESE,
            Could the Plural of KISS be Nicknamed KEESE?
                 Then ONE May be THAT, and THREE Would be THOSE,
                      Yet HAT in the Plural Would Never be HOSE,
                           And the Plural of CAT is CATS, Not COSE.

       We Speak of a BROTHER and Also of BRETHREN,
            But Though We Say MOTHER, We Never Say METHREN.
                 The Masculine Pronouns are HE, HIS and HIM,
                      But Imagine the Feminine, SHE, SHIS and SHIM.

       So the ENGLISH, I Think, You All Will AGREE,
            Is The Most WONDERFUL LANGUAGE You Ever Did SEE.

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