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Genealogy Full Names N to S

These Full Names files have not been updated since 1998. As mentioned in another document, I am working on an entirely new layout that will include all the new additions and records. In the process of updating my entire web site, I'm maintaining these placeholders and files in their present form so at least something is here for those seeking information.

Please Note: The very large Hauser Family genealogy, including the Abbott and Paul Families genealogies, and their ancestors and descendants, from my marriage to Debra Cleo Paul Sams, have not yet been included in this Full Names database as of yet. I'm working on it independently and verifying the accuracy of the provided data and family ties before including it in my fully researched database.

Genealogy Full Names N to S

Updated January 3, 1998

Deutschmann Diefenbach


Nahm, Albert
Nahm, Aloysia
Nahm, Clarence
Nahm, John
Nahm, William Duke
Naugle, Stacey Ann
Neel, Nellie Marie
Neel, Vincent
Nelson, Ann Christine
Nelson, Brian Patrick
Nelson, David
Nelson, Douglas John
Nelson, Edward H.
Nelson, Everett W., Jr.
Nelson, Everett William, Sr.
Nelson, Jeffery W.
Nelson, Kelly
Nelson, Laura Catherine
Nelson, Mark Everett
Nelson, Martha Lea
Nelson, Matthew William
Nelson, Michael
Nelson, Sally Marie
Nelson, Scott
Nelson, Stacy
Nelson, Tim
Nelson, Trevor
Nelson, William Dailey
Newns, James
Newsham, Robert
Niles, Heather Gail
Nixon, Marguerite
Nord, George
Nord, George, Jr.
Nord, Patricia Jean
Nuchter, Gertrud
Nuchter, Hyronimus
Nuchter, Johannes
Nuchter, Johannes
Nuchting, Maria Elisabeth

Oberlies, Elisabeth
Obrecht, Christina
Obrecht, Jill
Obrecht, Kenneth
Obrecht, Michelle
O'Brien, Connie
Ockuly, Donna
O'Connell, Brian
O'Connell, Charlie
O'Connell, Colleen
O'Connell, Dan
O'Connell, Daniel P.
O'Connell, Daniel Robert
O'Connell, Elizabeth
O'Connell, Joanne
O'Connell, John William
O'Connell, Joseph Patrick
O'Connell, Karen
O'Connell, Kate
O'Connell, Kathleen
O'Connell, Kevin
O'Connell, Maggie
O'Connell, Mary Kate
O'Connell, Meg
O'Connell, Michael J.
O'Connell, Stacey
O'Connell, Stephen Joseph
O'Connell, Thomas Patrick
O'Connell, Thomas Patrick, Jr.
O'Connell, Tim
O'Conner, Ellen
O'Day, Stephanie Frances
Oge, Elizabeth
Oge, Francis G.
Oge, Frank
Oge, George
Oge, George
Oge, George
Oge, Joseph
Oge, Josephine
Oge, Katherina
Oge, Martha
Oge, Mary M.
Oge, Rosalia M.
Oge, Victory
Ohlsen, Amanda
Ohlsen, Elizabeth
Ohlsen, Katherine
Ohlsen, Winlow
O'Keefe, Kathleen
O'Leary, Joseph
O'Loughlin, Ann
O'Neil, Dennis
O'Neil, Grace
O'Neil, William Edward
Orlando, Jordan
Orlando, Kimberly Rene
Orlando, Michael Raymond
Orlando, Michele Terese
Orlando, Nicole Rene
Orlando, Sam
Orlando, Scott
Ortman, Cherial
Ossenfort, John P.
Ossenfort, John, Jr.
Otto, Daniel William
Otto, Kurt
Otto, Steven Michael

Peeso, Suzanne
Peetz, Bryan
Perotti, Anthony
Perotti, Jason
Perotti, Lindsey
Perotti, Ryan
Perotti, Sara
Peterson, Elaine A.
Pettus, Airlia
Pettus, Robert
Pfitzer, Susan
Phillips, Amanda
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charles Russell
Phillips, Charlie
Phillips, David T.
Phillips, Emily
Phillips, Grace
Phillips, Julia
Phillips, Katherine
Phillips, Matthiasu J.
Phillips, Matthiasu J., Jr.
Phillips, Michael
Phillips, Nicholas
Phillips, Stephen M.
Phillips, Tony
Pierce, Ellen
Pleis, Joan Celeste
Pleis, Stacey Sue
Pleis, Steven Haddock
Pleis, William III
Pleis, William Scott
Pleis, William, Jr.
Ploeser, Ann
Ploesser, Alex Michael
Ploesser, Ashley Michelle
Ploesser, Gerald
Ploesser, Jamie Marie
Ploesser, Randall Richard
Poertner, Anita
Pogrelis, Irvin
Pogrelis, Marilyn
Politte, Leo Arthur
Politte, Luke Arthur
Politte, Mark David
Politte, Pierre Joseph
Pond, Michelle
Pope, Kathy
Porter, Jennifer
Porter, William
Potts, May
Pound, Clifford Eugene
Pound, Heather Anne
Pound, Jason Lee
Pound, Jennifer Marie
Powell, Cavie Doris
Powell, Willis J.
Prendergast, Elizabeth Ann
Pultman, Andy

Quell, Elisabeth
Quell, Johannes

Rader, Brett Michael
Rader, Kevin John
Rader, Marvin Leander
Rader, Michelle Kristin
Ralston, Deborah
Rankin, Robert Douglan
Rapp, Christine
Ravenscraft, Alison Margaret
Ravenscraft, Claire Renee
Ravenscraft, Mark Douglas
Reed, Ione Marie
Reesman, Kenneth Earl
Regan, Daniel Jerome
Regan, Daniel Joseph
Regan, Kathleen Marie
Reicter, Danielle Laurie
Reicter, Michelle Carol
Reicter, Tonya Cherise
Reilly, Aimee
Reilly, Betty
Reilly, Charles Gerard
Reilly, Christopher
Reilly, Edward
Reilly, Edward
Reilly, Edward P.
Reilly, Elbert
Reilly, Helen
Reilly, Hugh
Reilly, James Edward
Reilly, John Joseph
Reilly, Kevin
Reilly, Margaret
Reilly, Michael Joseph
Reilly, Phyllis
Reilly, Thomas Joseph
Reilly, Timothy
Reilly, Timothy Conrad
Rekart, Ado John
Rekart, Ado John, Jr.
Rekart, Albie L.
Rekart, Alexander E.
Rekart, Aloysius George
Rekart, Aloysius Martin
Rekart, Amy Michelle
Rekart, Art
Rekart, Arthur
Rekart, Arthur Joseph
Rekart, Barbara
Rekart, Barbara Ann
Rekart, Bertha
Rekart, Brian Peterson
Rekart, Candyce Elaine
Rekart, Catherine Josephine
Rekart, Celeste Lena
Rekart, Christopher David
Rekart, Clara
Rekart, Clara Julia
Rekart, Clara Martinia
Rekart, Danny Joseph
Rekart, Deborah Marie
Rekart, Dianne Marie
Rekart, Dorothy Clara
Rekart, Douglas Elliott
Rekart, Edward J.
Rekart, Edward J., Jr.
Rekart, Edward Michael
Rekart, Elizabeth Jane
Rekart, Elizabeth Joan
Rekart, Elizabeth Louise
Rekart, Emilie
Rekart, Florence Josephine
Rekart, George Alexander
Rekart, George Alexander
Rekart, George, Jr.
Rekart, George, Sr.
Rekart, Gregory Alexander
Rekart, Hazel Marie
Rekart, Hildegarde Marie
Rekart, Jacqueline Ann
Rekart, James Edward
Rekart, James Edward
Rekart, James Joseph
Rekart, Jeanette Margaret
Rekart, Jeffrey Stewart
Rekart, Jennifer Lee
Rekart, Jerome A.
Rekart, Jessica Elaine
Rekart, Jo Anne
Rekart, John
Rekart, John Edward
Rekart, John Frandsen
Rekart, John Frandsen, Jr.
Rekart, John Lamar
Rekart, John P.
Rekart, Joseph George
Rekart, Joseph Walter
Rekart, Joseph William
Rekart, Joyce Rose
Rekart, Judith Lynn
Rekart, Julia Ann
Rekart, Karen Ann
Rekart, Kathryn Doris
Rekart, Kimberly Marie
Rekart, Kirsten
Rekart, Lana Marie
Rekart, Laura Ann
Rekart, LaVerne Marie
Rekart, Lena T.
Rekart, Lisa Jean
Rekart, Louise M.
Rekart, Lucy
Rekart, Marcella
Rekart, Margaret Clementine
Rekart, Marie
Rekart, Marie Bernice
Rekart, Marie Louise
Rekart, Marie Michelle
Rekart, Martina
Rekart, Mary Elizabeth
Rekart, Mary Louise
Rekart, Mary P.
Rekart, Matthew (Matt)
Rekart, Matthew Joseph
Rekart, Matthew Steven
Rekart, Michael
Rekart, Michael Adam
Rekart, Michael Paul
Rekart, Mildred
Rekart, Mildred Edna
Rekart, Nicole Joy
Rekart, Patricia Christine
Rekart, Paul A.
Rekart, Rebecca (Becky)
Rekart, Richard
Rekart, Richard A.
Rekart, Richard Ado
Rekart, Robert Douglas
Rekart, Sara
Rekart, Stephen Peterson
Rekart, Stuart Thomas
Rekart, Susan Jean
Rekart, Teresa Marie
Rekart, Timothy Joseph
Rekart, Timothy Patrick
Rekart, Tracey Lee
Rekart, Victor
Renoe, Rosemary
Resch, Catherine
Richards, Alexia Kathleen
Richards, Jennifer
Richards, Michael
Richards, Michelle
Richards, Pamela Ann
Richards, Scott
Richards, William Warren
Richter, Amber
Richter, Andrew Frank
Richter, Craig
Richter, Flora
Richter, Kurt Matthew
Richter, Martin Joseph
Richter, Raymond Keith
Rickard, Annabel
Rinker, Emma
Ritchey, Dennis
Ritchey, Greg
Ritchey, Keith
Ritchey, Kelley Eugene
Ritchie, Colleen
Ritchie, Robert
Ritter, Charles
Ritzel, Anna Rosina
Roberts, Maureen E.
Robinson, Erin Marie
Robinson, Katie Ann
Robinson, Kevin James
Robinson, Louis
Robinson, Michael Joseph
Robinson, Thomas James
Robinson, Thomas James, Jr.
Roddy, Linda
Roesch, Connie Kay
Roesch, Donald
Roesch, Donna Lee
Roesch, Edward
Roesch, Edward Joseph
Roesch, James Lloyd
Roesch, Joanie
Roesch, Kathleen
Roesch, Nicole Danielle
Roesch, Patricia Ann
Roesch, Ronald
Roesch, Ryan James
Roesch, Sharon Jo
Roesch, Steve Edward
Roesch, Timothy
Rogers, George B.
Rogers, James C.
Rogers, James W.
Rogers, Josephine
Rogers, Josiah
Rogers, Marcus M.
Rogers, Marlene
Rogers, Penelope
Rogers, Rhoda H.
Rogers, William
Rohm, Katharina
Rolen, Claude Raymond
Rolen, Nathan Joseph
Romano, Anthony
Roques, Genevieve
Roques, Henry
Rosemann, Arlene
Rosemann, Craig
Rosemann, David
Rosemann, David
Rosemann, David, Jr.
Rosemann, E. N.
Rosemann, Edna
Rosemann, Edward
Rosemann, Frank
Rosemann, Frank
Rosemann, Fred
Rosemann, Gertrude
Rosemann, Girl
Rosemann, Henry
Rosemann, Henry
Rosemann, Herman
Rosemann, Herman Henry
Rosemann, Iona
Rosemann, Janet
Rosemann, Judy
Rosemann, Kate
Rosemann, Katharina (Catherine)
Rosemann, Katharina Maria
Rosemann, Lida
Rosemann, Martin
Rosemann, Mary
Rosemann, Michael
Rosemann, Michael
Rosemann, Phillip
Rosemann, Richard
Rosemann, Shirley
Rosemann, Stacey
Rosemann, Teresa
Rosemann, Thomas
Rosemann, Virginia
Rosemann, William
Rosemann, William J.
Rosemann, William Joseph
Rosemann, William, Jr.
Rossman, Carol
Roth, Adam
Roth, Agnes
Roth, Alexandra
Roth, Candyce
Roth, Carlissa
Roth, David James
Roth, Donald Allen
Roth, Donald Crowley
Roth, Earl
Roth, Friedrich
Roth, Janet Patricia
Roth, Johannes
Roth, John
Roth, Joseph A.
Roth, Katharina
Roth, Madeline
Roth, Richard C.
Roth, Ruth Marie
Rott, Dorothea
Rott, Emile Christine
Rott, Emma
Rott, Henry
Rott, Jacob
Rott, Jacob Christian
Rott, John Jacob
Rott, Louisa Margaretha
Rott, Margaretha
Rott, Mary
Rott, Randy
Rott, Walter K.
Rudolph, Alan D.
Rudolph, Angela
Rudolph, Anthony
Rudolph, Christine
Rudolph, David
Rudolph, Lisa
Rudolph, Maria Antonia Johanna Barb Josepha
Rudolph, Mark Kenneth
Rudolph, Matthew
Rutzel, Anna Margaretha
Rutzel, Caspar
Rutzel, Johann Heinrich
Rutzel, Katharina
Rutzel, Mathias

Sander, Eva Elisabeth
Sander, Johann Valentin
Sander, Johannes
Sander, Johannes
Schad, Martina
Schaller, Katharina
Schamberger, Eleanora
Schamberger, Johann Wilhelm
Schauerte, Martin
Schaumberger, A.
Schaumberger, Andreas
Schaumberger, D.
Schaumberger, Donald
Schaumberger, Donald
Schaumberger, Girl
Schaumberger, Gottlieb Andreas
Schaumberger, Heidi
Schaumberger, Norman
Schaumberger, Norman
Schaumberger, Norman H.
Schaumberger, Richard
Schaumberger, Richard W.
Schaumberger, Ruth
Schaumberger, Sara
Schaumberger, Susan
Schaumberger, Tarali
Schaumberger, Trixi
Schenk, David Alan
Schenk, Michael Edward
Schenk, Regina
Schilling, Dorothy Iris
Schlarman, Gloria Grace
Schlegel, Gene
Schlegel, John A.
Schlitzer, Eustachia
Schlitzer, Johann Sebastian
Schlitzer, Johannes
Schlitzer, Johannes
Schlitzer, Johannes George
Schlitzer, Wiegand
Schmeis, Benedich
Schmeis, Catharine
Schmeis, John
Schmid?, Anna
Schmidt, Frank
Schmidt, Michael
Schmitt, Lois A.
Schmitt, Maria Elisabeth
Schmitt, Wilhelm
Schmitz, Brian George
Schmitz, Caryn
Schmitz, Craig Bernard
Schmitz, Eric Christopher
Schmitz, Gerry Robert
Schmitz, James M.
Schmitz, John Joseph
Schmitz, Julie
Schmitz, Karl Vincent
Schmitz, Lisa
Schmitz, Mark
Schmitz, Robert
Schmitz, Robert Joseph
Schmitz, Steven Andrew
Schneeberger, Lydia
Schneider, Anna
Schneider, Helena
Schowengerdt, Brandon Roth
Schowengerdt, Debbie
Schrader, Christopher
Schrader, Darren Todd
Schrader, Donn William
Schrader, Harry
Schrader, John G.
Schreiner, John Gerard
Schreiner, Ottilia
Schrier, Sandy
Schrimpf, Anna Margaretha
Schrimpf, Johann Anton
Schrimpf, Johannes
Schrimpf, Johannes Paul
Schrimpf, Maria
Schrimpf, Maria Gertrud
Schroeder, Kenneth
Schulmeister, Jean
Schultz, John Edward
Schultz, Lillie
Schultz, Michael G.
Schumacher, Rose
Schumacher, Stephen
Schwab, Margaretha
Schwab, Robert P.
Schweiss, Erika
Schweiss, Maria
Schweiss, Richard
Schweiss, Vincent L.
Schwenderman, Emily Marie
Schwenderman, Jonathan Byrne
Schwenderman, Mark Gregory
Schwenderman, Michael Gregory
Sciurba, Jennifer
Sciurba, Thomas
Sciurba, William A.
Seaman, James Jeffrey
Seaman, Laura Frances
Sever, Aaron Edward
Sever, Shanna Michelle
Sever, Thomas Quincy
Seward, Erma M.
Sewell, William
Shasserre, Brent Thomas
Shasserre, Brian Michael
Shasserre, Carrie Elizabeth
Shasserre, Craig Richard
Shasserre, Daniel Richard
Shasserre, Kelly Lauren
Shasserre, Todd David
Sherwood, Adam
Sherwood, Amanda
Sherwood, Benjamin
Sherwood, Bryan
Sherwood, Connie
Sherwood, Emily
Sherwood, Frank J.
Sherwood, Jennifer
Sherwood, John
Sherwood, John B.
Sherwood, Robert Michael
Sherwood, Tiffany
Sherwood, William
Sherwood, William A.
Siebers, Brian
Siebers, Courtney
Siebers, Jennifer
Siebers, Kelley
Siebers, Michael
Silberman, Audrey
Silberman, Harriet
Silberman, Leah
Silberman, Marvin
Silberman, Miriam
Silberman, Stephanie
Silberstein, Amy Lynn
Silberstein, Joshua Louis
Silberstein, Lot
Silverman, Child 2
Silverman, Child 3
Silverman, Child 4
Silverman, David
Silverman, Fay
Simon, Lance Patrick
Simon, Robert
Simon, Ronald D.
Sippel, Anna Barbara
Sloan, Cheryl Marie
Slone, Donnie E., Jr.
Smith, Carolyn Marie
Smith, Cynthia
Smith, Jennipher Sallee
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Kevin Akins
Smith, Robert Akins
Smith, Susan
Smith, Viva
Snyder, Austin
Snyder, Danny
Snyder, Elsie
Snyder, Ernest
Snyder, Fern
Snyder, Madison
Snyder, Marie Sadie
Snyder, Meridith
Spann, Ann Marie
Speidel, Douglas
Speidel, Neal
Spencer, Daniel
Spencer, Stacy Danielle
Spencer, Stephanie
Springfield, Dana
Stark, Danielle
Stark, James Douglas
Stark, Jay Joseph
Stark, Kaitlan
Stark, Larry Patrick
Stedman, Estella
Stedman, George
Stein, Amy
Stein, Andrew Jacob III
Stein, Antoinette M.
Stein, August William
Stein, Bernhard
Stein, Boy 1
Stein, Boy 2
Stein, Boy 3
Stein, Boy 4
Stein, Charles August
Stein, Child 1
Stein, Child 2
Stein, Child 3
Stein, Child 4
Stein, Christian E. III
Stein, Cindy
Stein, David
Stein, Edward J.
Stein, Eric
Stein, Harry
Stein, John
Stein, Karoline
Stein, Katarina Wilhelmina
Stein, Louise
Stein, Luke
Stein, Marshall
Stein, Patrik
Stein, Sonny
Stein, Timothy
Stein, Valerie
Stiens, Dolores
Stock, Barbara
Stock, Catharina
Stock, Elisabeth
Stone, Robert T.
Stone, Scott Mitchelle
Stone, Thomas
Strahsner, Mary H.
Stralman, Jane
Strauss, Christopher
Strauss, Fred W.
Strauss, Katie
Strauss, Mark
Strickland, Elizabeth Rose
Strubel, Joan
Sullin, Dean Edward
Sullivan, Timothy

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