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Genealogy Full Names T to Z

These Full Names files have not been updated since 1998. As mentioned in another document, I am working on an entirely new layout that will include all the new additions and records. In the process of updating my entire web site, I'm maintaining these placeholders and files in their present form so at least something is here for those seeking information.

Please Note: The very large Hauser Family genealogy, including the Abbott and Paul Families genealogies, and their ancestors and descendants, from my marriage to Debra Cleo Paul Sams, have not yet been included in this Full Names database as of yet. I'm working on it independently and verifying the accuracy of the provided data and family ties before including it in my fully researched database.

Genealogy Full Names T to Z

Updated January 3, 1998

Deutschmann Diefenbach


Tacarek, Kimberly JoAnn
Tackes, Alexander Michael
Tackes, Alicea
Tackes, Luke Anderson
Tackes, Michael
Telker, Dianne Ruth
Thielmann, Alline
Thomas, George W.
Thomason, Alicia Roxanne
Thompson, John Robert, Jr.
Thompson, Kristin
Thompson, Linda
Thompson, Paul Anthony
Thompson, Sheridan
Timmerline, Catherine
Trautman, Marian Carol
Trautmann, Andreas
Trautmann, Christina
Trautmann, George
Trendle, Magdalena
Trinkle, Sharon
Trout, Child 3
Trout, Child 4
Trout, Child 5
Trout, Clifford
Trout, Girl
Trout, Jean
Trout, Kenneth
Trout, Peggy
Trout, Walter
Trout, Zonia Izora
Troutt, Cecil
Troutt, Rosie Lee
Troutt, Roy
Truetzel, Andrew Hof
Truetzel, Anne Elizabeth
Truetzel, David William
Truetzel, David William, Jr.
Tunno, Jane

Ulich, Austin
Ulich, Robert
Ulich, Victoria
Underwood, Phyllis

Valleroy, Nicole
Varga, George
Varga, Joseph
Varga, Paul
Varga, Shawn
Vehige, Dan
Vendt, Aldren
Vendt, Dennis Michael
Vendt, James J.
Vendt, Jeffrey Allen
Vendt, Nathan
Vendt, Rae Leigh
Vendt, Stephan Joseph
Vilcek, Emil
Voegelein, Glenn
Voegelein, Gordon R.
Voegelein, Theresa
Vogelgesang, Bradley
Vogelgesang, Bruce Edwin
Vogelgesang, Caroline
Vogelgesang, James Allan
Vogelgesang, Magdalena Louisa
Vogelgesang, Timothy
Vogelsang, Gertrude
Vohsen, Clarence
von Keitz, Anna Margarita
von Keitz, Elisabeth
von Keitz, Elisabeth
von Keitz, Johannes
von Keitz, Michael
von Keitz, Veronika

Wack, James Louis
Wack, Margaretha
Wade, Tawn Marie
Waller, Abigail Marie
Waller, Raymond Allen
Waller, Stacie Allison
Walters, Daniel Robert
Walters, Evan
Walters, Richard
Walters, Shane
Walters, Stephen Louis
Warner, Barbara Jean
Weble, Christina Marie
Weble, David Paul
Weble, Stephen Edward
Weble, Steve
Wegener, Clara
Wegener, Donald G.
Wegener, Greg Michael
Wegener, Michael
Wegener, Thomas
Wegener, Tracy
Wegener, Travis
Wehner?, Margaretha
Weikert, Curt Timothy
Weikert, Daniel Mark
Weikert, Daphne Kalliope
Weikert, Debra Ann
Weikert, Diane Kimberly
Weikert, Donald Henry
Weikert, Donna Kay
Weikert, James Albert
Weikert, James Robert
Weikert, John Andrew
Weikert, Joseph
Weikert, Joseph Stephen
Weikert, Joy Rebekah
Weikert, Katherine Ann
Weikert, Kelly Diane
Weikert, Laura Lynn
Weikert, Linda Ann
Weikert, Lori Lynn
Weikert, Margaret Ruth
Weikert, Martin Raymond
Weikert, Miriam Lynn
Weikert, Raymond C.
Weikert, Raymond Christopher
Weikert, Richard Christopher
Weikert, Robert
Weikert, Rosemary
Weismuller, Adelheid
Weismuller, Cornelia
Weismuller, Friedrich
Weismuller, Johann Georg
Weismuller, Johannes
Weismuller, Johannes
Weismuller, Johannes
Weismuller, Ludwig
Weismuller, Ottilia
Weismuller, Simon
Welch, Bernard
Wenzel, Annemarie M.
Wetzel, Deborah Lee
White, Andrew Allen
White, Daniel
White, Eric
White, Gary
White, Heidi
White, John
White, Mike
White, Nicole
White, Patrick William
White, Paul
White, Robert G.
White, Ryan
White, S. Thomas
White, Sherd
White, Thomas
Whiting, Constance B.
Whitney, Martha
Wickenhauser, Anna
Wickenhauser, Donald Joseph
Wickenhauser, James
Wickenhauser, Kristin
Wickenhauser, Mandie
Wickenhauser, Michael
Wickenhauser, Robert
Wickenhauser, Thomas Richard
Wiecorek, Helene
Wiegand, Anna Barbara
Wiegand, Franz
Wildt, Daniel
Will, Gerald Thomas
Will, Heinrich
Williams, Andrew Scott
Williams, Gladys
Williams, Jonathan
Williams, Jordan
Williams, Kelley
Williams, Matthew Joseph
Williams, Michael Francis
Williams, Sean
Williams, Shannon
Williams, Ted Joseph
Wilson, Mary Jo
Wingenfeld, Anna Maria
Wingenfeld, Johannes
Wingenfeld, Margaretha
Witte, Arnold
Witte, Gregory Joseph
Witte, Veronica
Wittling, M. Elisabeth
Wojciechowski, Robert
Wolz, Barbara Kay
Wolz, Jane Marie
Wolz, Mary Ann
Wolz, Richard Joseph
Wolz, Robert Anthony
Wolz, Robert Anthony
Wolz, Steven Rekart
Wright, Charles Buford
Wright, Charles Buford, Jr.
Wright, Holly
Wright, Pamela Jayne
Wright, Sharon
Wright, Todd
Wustenhagen, Bruno
Wustenhagen, Bruno, Jr.
Wustenhagen, Erna
Wustenhagen, Frieda
Wustenhagen, Gertrude
Wustenhagen, Hanni
Wustenhagen, Helene
Wustenhagen, Helene
Wymer, Mable Audrey (Terry)



Zaegel, Charles
Zaegel, John
Zbaren, Amy
Zbaren, Bruce S.
Zbaren, Scott
Ziegenhein, Catherine
Zinselmeier, Alois
Zinselmeier, Aloysius Edwin
Zinselmeier, Cecilia Helen
Zinselmeier, Crecentia Johanna
Zinselmeier, Helen Caroline
Zinselmeier, Hubert
Zinselmeier, Leonora Marie
Zoeke, Edith

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