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National 10-Codes

There are 200 10-Codes in current usage, approximately 50 of these are used by the police, fire and other types of radio operators, while others have combined meanings depending on the service.

National 10-Codes

Below is a list of the most commonly used 10-Codes:
Any 10-Code signal can be made into a question by using it as a question.

10-1   Receiving Poorly                10-41  Please Tune To Channel
10-2   Receiving Well                  10-42  Traffic Accident At___________
10-3   Stop Transmitting               10-43  Traffic Tieup At______________
10-4   OK, Message Received            10-44  I Have A Message For You
10-5   Relay Message                   10-44  (Or__________________________)
10-6   Busy, Stand By                  10-45  All Units Within Range Report
10-7   Out of Service, Leaving Air     10-50  Break Channel_________________
10-8   In Service, Subject To Call     10-60  What Is Next Message Number?
10-9   Repeat Message                  10-62  Unable To Copy, Use Landline
10-10  Trnsmssn Cmpltd, Stndng By      10-63  Net Directed To_______________
10-11  Talking Too Rapidly             10-64  Net Clear
10-12  Visitors Present                10-65  Waitng for Nxt Msg or Assngmnt
10-13  Advise Wx and Road Conditions   10-67  All Units Comply
10-16  Make Pickup At_______________   10-70  Fire At_______________________
10-17  Urgent Business                 10-71  Prcd With Trnsmssn In Sequence
10-18  Anything For Us?                10-73  Speed Trap At_________________
10-19  Nothing For You, Rtrn To Base   10-75  You Are Causing Interference
10-20  My Location Is_______________   10-77  Negative Contact
10-21  Call By Landline                10-81  Reserve Hotel Room For________
10-22  Report In Person To__________   10-82  Reserve Room For______________
10-23  Stand By                        10-84  My Telephone Number Is________
10-24  Completed Last Assignment       10-85  My Address Is_________________
10-25  Can You Contact______________   10-89  Radio Repairman Needed At_____
10-26  Disregard Last Information      10-90  I Have TVI
10-27  I Am Moving To Channel_______   10-91  Talk Closer To Mike
10-28  Identify Your Station           10-92  Your Tx Is Out Of Adjustment
10-29  Time Is Up For Contact          10-93  Chck My Frqncy On Ths Chnnl
10-30  Does Not Conform To FCC Rules   10-94  Please Give Me A Long Count
10-32  I Will Give You A Radio Check   10-95  Tnx Dead Carrier For 5 Seconds
10-33  EMRGNCY TRFFC AT THIS STATION   10-99  Mssn Cmpltd, All Units Secure
10-34  Trbl At Ths Sttn, Help Needed   10-100 5-Min. Brk, Commonly RestRoom
10-35  Confidential Information        10-200 Police Needed At______________
10-36  Correct Time Is______________   
10-37  Wrecker Needed At____________
10-38  Ambulance Needed At__________
10-39  Your Message Delivered

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