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Me, Myself & I (A Biographical) Index

Welcome to my Biography Page! This is the place to find out a little bit more about my family and I. Things like where I live and have lived, what I do (or did) for a living (since I'm retired now), and a few things about my various hobbies.

Some aspects of my hobbies have either become businesses or have been expounded on to the point they became more like a how-to and certain parts were moved under their own topics, which is why you find things like Aquaria and Amateur Radio in the main index. What is covered here would be my own set-ups, things that remained as a personal hobby so to speak.

There is a whole lot more here than first meets the eye, primarily because I did not break down the Expanded Index on the home page into sub-topics for this section, as it would become too cumbersome with the amount of things I plan on putting back in here again. Things that were removed back in the days when web storage space was at a premium and very limited by the ISP's. Even more was removed each time I added a new Family Newsletter, which used to be stored in this section, but hidden from public view until recently.

Me, Myself & I

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