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Welcome to my Genealogy Page! Due to the sheer size of my linked families database of over 120,000 positive links and over 10,000 different surnames, I had to reduce what I had originally offered on-line down to only a few lists as indicated below in the Index. I have tried to maintain the database as accurately as possible, however, the further one gets from immediate family, we rely on the work of others surrounding their respective families and some errors inadvertently do creep in, especially now that I have included numerous spousal ancestries, compiled by others, within my main database.

For nearly 5 decades, our family relied on the sharp mind, quick wit and extensive records of my Great-Aunt, that everyone, related or not, called Aunt Mary (Mary Amelia Deutschmann - 1894-1984). Being interested in our family history, Aunt Mary shared many wonderful stories with me, and shortly before her health began to decline, she began turning over to me case after case of memorabilia, including her hand written and filed charts and databases.

In the early days of home computing, I began converting her paper records into electronic form and as methods of computing grew and more and more database type programs became available, I could then finally begin making a formal genealogical type structure. Each tidbit of information, collected at various times throughout her lifetime all matched with little to no variance between decades old and current recollections. Had it not been for Aunt Mary's unique filing system she taught me how to use, nobody would have ever understood her great system. I still use it today for family images and scanned memorabilia.

I have placed large sections of the database on line at various genealogical web sites over the years and in almost all cases, they messed them up somehow, so please do not rely on the trees found on-line for accuracy. I presented a Family Tree Maker version to the makers of FTM four times, and each time they broke many links, merged the wrong families together, etc. For this reason I chose not to release data to commercial enterprises for on-line presentation. As web space is increasing once again, and web style programs make maintaining your own databases on-line much easier, hopefully some day I will have the entire database available in a public format.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any requests for family information! However, I only release private data components to immediate family members that I can verify as true family members.


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