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The Passing of the Pot

Thanks for venturing into my Living Room!

Make yourself at home and have a seat close to the fire. I hope you enjoy this old poem that my father picked up from his father.

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"The Passing Of The Pot"

As Far Back As Childhood, As Memory May Go
One Household Vessel Greets Me, That Wasn't Meant To Show

Beneath the Bed 'Twas Anchored, Where Only Few Could See
But Served the Entire Family, With Equal Privacy

Some Called the Critter "Peggy," and Some the "Thundermug"
Others Called it "Badger," A Few Just Called it "Jug"

To Bring it In at Evening, Was Bad Enough No Doubt
But Heaven Help the Bloke, Who Had to Tote it Out

The Special One For Company, Was Decorated Well
But Just the Same it Rendered, That Ole Familiar Smell

Our Big One Was Enormous, and Would Accomodate
A Watermelon Party, Composed of Six or Eight

At Times When Things Were Rushing, and Business Extra Good
Each Took His Turn Awaiting, or Did the Best He Could

Sometimes When in a Hurry, To Our Disgust and Shame
We Fumbled in the Darkness, and Slightly Missed Our Aim

Today This Modernism, Relieves Me A Lot
and Only in My Vision, Do I See That Homely Pot

The Original Author is Not Forgotten, But Unfortunately Unknown
Tho His Works Are Well Remembered, By Those Who Ride the Throne

'Cause our Dear Ole Loving Dad
"The Captain of The Head"

Has Kept This Poem Oh So Very Alive
Boisterously Reciting in a Broken German Jive

Each & Ev'ry Time He Dumped A Lot
He quoted "The Passing Of The Pot"

My father spoke perfect English, and his penmanship was excellent. He only used the Broken German Jive mentioned above when fooling around and having fun.

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