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Thanks for venturing into my Living Room!

Make yourself at home and have a seat close to the fire.

I added this strange category, (Around The Fireside), as a place to put the little stories, poems, tales and tidbits of gossip that I had no idea of where else to locate them, but felt someone out there might find them amusing or interesting.

My first addition to this page just happens to be a cute little poem that my father would recite quite often. He picked up the poem from his father, who continually recited the same poem during a certain daily activity of which we will not get into. Don't want to spoil the poem for you!

For some of you it may bring back fond old memories of home.
For others it may just flat-out remind you of discusting chores.

For the younger set, sometimes, the "Good Old Days" were not all that great after all.
But the history, and the event, takes on an old familiar aire, even popular in modern times.

Sit back and enjoy my father's rendition of The Passing of the Pot

My second addition to this page I have always considered to be the perfect explanation, for my role as an integral part of the body of students that comprised the half of the class that made the upper half possible.

Unfortunately, my mother considers it just another excuse, as to why
I flunked English #101 four years in a row.

More juicy tidbits will be added to this page as I locate them in the families laundry!

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