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Genealogy Full Names A to C

These Full Names files have not been updated since 1998. As mentioned in another document, I am working on an entirely new layout that will include all the new additions and records. In the process of updating my entire web site, I'm maintaining these placeholders and files in their present form so at least something is here for those seeking information.

Please Note: The very large Hauser Family genealogy, including the Abbott and Paul Families genealogies, and their ancestors and descendants, from my marriage to Debra Cleo Paul Sams, have not yet been included in this Full Names database as of yet. I'm working on it independently and verifying the accuracy of the provided data and family ties before including it in my fully researched database.

Genealogy Full Names A to C

Updated January 3, 1998

Deutschmann Diefenbach


Abling, Joseph
Abling, Scott
Abling, William
Adam, W.
Adler, Daryl
Adrian, Kelly
Adrian, Linda
Adrian, Michael
Adrian, Michelle
Adrian, Rebecca
Aholt, Clem
Aholt, Clem, Jr.
Aholt, Harold
Aholt, John
Aholt, Leah
Aholt, Robert
Albers, A. J.
Albers, Bridget
Albers, Clifford S.
Albers, Daniel Anthony
Albers, Kelley
Albers, Laura
Albers, Margaret
Albers, Melissa
Albers, Michael
Albers, Michael J.
Alstadt, Andrew Mark
Alstadt, Kenneth Gene
Alstadt, Victoria Lynn
Ambrozetes, Jamie Marie
Annis, Sarah
Anselm, Caroline
Applebaum, Leo
Arenz, Elizabeth
Arenz, Joseph
Arenz, Louis
Arnold, Joseph
Aspelmeier, Hilde
Asztalos, Mary E.
Aumiller, Amber Kelly
Aumiller, David Matthew
Aumiller, Donna
Aumiller, Edward Charles
Aumiller, Edwin David Patrick
Aumiller, Edwin George Christopher
Aumiller, Edwin Thomas
Aumiller, Gloria Charlena
Aumiller, Gloria Helena
Aumiller, John J.
Aumiller, Mary Jo
Austin, Mark Edward
Austin, Stephen F.
Autenreith, Adele
Autenreith, Henry P.

Backer, Dr. Robert
Bajoni, Bernadette
Balliet, James
Balliet, Kathleen
Balliet, Kristin
Balliet, Michael
Balzer, Elisabeth
Balzer, Johannes Georg
Balzer, Katharina
Balzer, Petrus
Bansbach, Agnes
Bansbach, Alphonse
Bansbach, Charlotte
Bansbach, Elmer C.
Bansbach, Gertrude
Bansbach, Martin J.
Bansbach, Matthew D.
Bansbach, Ora
Bansbach, Paul
Bardgett, Carl
Bardgett, Joseph
Bardgett, Odeal
Bardgett, Roy
Bardgett, Sissy
Barker, Marilyn
Barnett, Julia C.
Barringer, Lynn
Barringer, Richard
Barringer, Robert G.
Barringer, Robert, Jr.
Barth, Charles
Barth, Daniel
Barth, Florence
Barth, Richard
Barth, Robert
Barth, Ronald
Barth, Sandra
Basch, Florence
Bauer, Adam
Bauer, Alan
Bauer, Alyssa
Bauer, Anthony David
Bauer, Brian
Bauer, David Earl
Bauer, Donald Alan
Bauer, Erin
Bauer, Henry
Bauer, Jeff
Bauer, Jerrold Roy
Bauer, John Robert
Bauer, Joseph L., Jr.
Bauer, Kevin Joseph
Bauer, Larry Michael
Bauer, Lillian
Bauer, Patricia Ann
Bauer, Raymond
Bauer, Thomas Laurence
Bauer, Thomas Lee
Bauer, Todd
Bauer, William Francis
Bayer, Sharon
Beard, Alex
Beard, Lindsey
Beard, Robert
Becker, Patricia Joan
Beckham, Wanda
Bennett, Diana Marie
Bennett, Jill Lea
Berg, Antoine Frederick
Berg, Antonia
Berg, Christopher
Berg, David Francis
Berg, David Wert
Berg, David, Jr.
Berg, Dawn
Berg, Dorothea J.
Berg, Elizabeth
Berg, Elmer H.
Berg, Elmer H., Jr.
Berg, Eric
Berg, Francis
Berg, Francis C.
Berg, Francis Charles
Berg, Francis Charles
Berg, Franz "Francis H."
Berg, Fred
Berg, G. Kevin
Berg, George
Berg, George E.
Berg, Geraldine
Berg, Girl
Berg, Girl
Berg, Girl
Berg, Henry A.
Berg, Henry Andrew
Berg, Jacqueline
Berg, James T.
Berg, Janis
Berg, Jeffrey
Berg, John J.
Berg, Julie
Berg, K
Berg, Kent M.
Berg, Kristopher Nixon
Berg, Lauren
Berg, Marguerite
Berg, Mary Elizabeth
Berg, Mary Frances
Berg, Mary Katherine
Berg, Maximilian
Berg, Michael
Berg, Michael K.
Berg, Norman W.
Berg, Norman W., Jr.
Berg, Norman, Jr.
Berg, Otto
Berg, Otto
Berg, Robert Henry
Berg, Ronald H.
Berg, Ronald H., Jr.
Berg, Shawn K.
Berg, Stephen
Berg, Theresa
Berg, Theresa
Berg, Theresa
Berg, Thomas David
Berg, Timothy
Berg, Tina
Bernard, Susan
Berry, Arthur F.
Bevis, Cameron Huntley
Beyer, Andy
Beyer, Martine
Beyer, Robert
Beyer, Virginia
Biehle, Alan Dale
Biehle, Harry
Biehle, Kelly Lynn
Biehle, Thomas Dale
Biele, Brandon Drake
Biele, Debra Ann
Biele, Kathrine Lynn
Biele, Lisa Joan
Biele, Michael William
Biele, Shea Michael
Biele, Sherrie Marie
Biele, Steven Michael
Biele, William Lee
Billings, Albert
Billings, Carol
Billings, George Key
Billings, George Key, Jr.
Billings, George W.
Billings, Joanne
Billings, Margaret
Billings, Mary Katherine
Billings, Raymond
Bingham, Brian
Birdsall, Diana
Bitter, Joyce Ann
Blackwell, Grace
Blase, Anna
Blase, Anna
Blase, Anthony
Blase, Audrey Elaine
Blase, Bertha
Blase, Bette Jane
Blase, Bradley Joseph
Blase, Brian James
Blase, Camille V.
Blase, Carolyn Louise
Blase, Carter
Blase, Catherine Ellen
Blase, Charles
Blase, Constance
Blase, Donald
Blase, Edward F., Jr.
Blase, Edward Frederick
Blase, Edward, Jr.
Blase, Erik
Blase, Erin
Blase, Florence
Blase, Francis Henry
Blase, Fred
Blase, George
Blase, Guy
Blase, Guy O.
Blase, Helen
Blase, Henry
Blase, James G.
Blase, James Gerard
Blase, Jennifer Rose
Blase, John
Blase, John Christopher
Blase, John Frederick
Blase, John Joseph, Jr.
Blase, John P.
Blase, Jordan
Blase, Julia Marie
Blase, K
Blase, Katherine
Blase, L
Blase, Laura Elizabeth
Blase, Laura Louise
Blase, Lawrence Joseph
Blase, Lindsey
Blase, Louis F.
Blase, Louis Frederick
Blase, Marian Rose
Blase, Marie Cecile
Blase, Oliver
Blase, Ruth Anne
Blase, Sandra
Blase, Susan Marie
Blase, Thomas James
Blase, William
Blase, William Anthony
Blase, William Austin III
Blase, William Austin, Jr.
Blase, William Austin, Sr.
Blattner, Gregory Richard
Blattner, Julie
Block, Allison
Block, Andrew
Block, Anna Maria
Block, Dottie M.
Block, Elisabeth
Block, Erin
Block, Friedrich
Block, Glennon Joseph
Block, James M.
Block, Jared
Block, Johann Adam
Block, Johannes
Block, John
Block, Katherine
Block, Lauren
Block, Lesley M.
Block, Mark
Block, Mary Lydia
Block, Ryan
Block, Stephen
Block, Steven Francis
Block, Thomas Leo
Block, Toni L.
Block, Wilson A.
Bloom, Julianna
Bolin, Anne Kathryn
Bolin, Barbara Marie
Bolin, Jennifer Rae
Bolin, John Joseph
Bolin, Kathryn Elizabeth
Bolin, Ray
Boothby, John
Bopp, Andrew
Bopp, Lester Joseph
Bopp, Peter
Borchers, Carl
Bowers, Kayleigh Rae
Bowers, Kevin Wayne
Bowers, Paul Wayne
Bradley, John Christopher
Bradley, Theresa Coyle
Bradshaw, Mary
Brandstater, James
Branson, David
Branson, Justin Phillip
Brehler, Elisabeth
Brehler, Elisabeth
Brehler, Georg
Brehler, Johannes
Brell, Barbara
Brennan, Brian Clayton
Brennan, Chris
Brennan, Kerry
Brennan, Kimberly Lynn
Brennan, Lawrence Eugene
Brennan, Richard Scott
Brennan, Rory
Brennan, Ryan Michael
Brennan, Sally
Brennan, Sarah
Brennan, Terrence Michael
Brennan, Timothy Patrick
Brewer, Marilyn A.
Brogdon, Mildred Matilda
Brown, Rosalinda
Brunn, Karl
Brunn, Leona Edna
Brunn, Paul
Bryant, Christine Ann
Bryant, Elmer Ray
Bryant, Janet Kay
Buckingham, Hugh
Buckley, Adam
Buckley, Jennifer
Buckley, Jill
Buckley, Mark Steven
Buckley, Mary Ellen
Buckley, Michael Edward
Buckley, Mitchell Scott
Buckley, Tim
Buckley, William Gabriel
Buckley, William, Jr.
Buettner, Marianne
Buettner, Richard E.
Bulte, Mary
Bunch, George Washington
Bunch, Mina Magdaline
Bunch, Roy
Burns, Holly Ann
Burns, Jacqueline Crystal
Burns, James Robert
Burns, James Robert, Jr.
Burns, Julie Kay
Burns, Kellie
Burns, Kelly Renee
Burns, Linda Jane
Burns, Sandra Suzanne
Burns, Skipper Marie
Burns, Wendy Louise
Busch, Ida Friederike K.
Buttner, Maria
Butts, James

Calabrese, Ann
Calabrese, Flaviano Paul
Canada, Christina
Canada, Dawn
Canada, Hershil
Canfield, Laura
Canfield, Leon
Canfield, Lynn
Cantrell, Wayne
Carpenter, Anne Catherine
Carpenter, Chad Michael
Carpenter, Clare Elizabeth
Carpenter, Michael Reece
Carrigan, Marcella
Carter, Christina Danielle
Carter, Daniel John
Carter, Matthew John
Cash, Glen
Castillon, Alan Louis
Castillon, Alfred
Castillon, Bud
Castillon, David Alan
Castillon, Jerry Robert
Castillon, Joan Marie
Castillon, Lois Aline
Castillon, Victoria Ann
Chaknes, John
Champion, Gilbert Augustus
Champion, Laura Abigail
Champion, Maggie Mary
Champion, Susan Augusta
Champion, Unis Olive
Chapey, Andrew
Chapey, Larry Grant
Chapey, Mary Diane
Chapey, Michael
Chapin, Nancy
Chase, Charles Raymond
Checksfield, James William
Checksfield, Kristen
Chirco, Donna
Chisholm, Brendan
Chisholm, Erin
Chisholm, James W.
Chisholm, Jane
Chisholm, Jared
Chisholm, Mary Virginia
Chisholm, Patrick
Chisholm, Robert N.
Chisholm, Robert N.
Chisholm, Ryan
Chisholm, Sally Marie
Chisholm, Shannon
Clark, Aliccia
Clark, Creig
Clark, Gladys
Clark, Timothy Scott
Cobb, Michael
Cobb, Stephen James
Cole, Brian
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Ruth
Coleman, Eustacia
Coleman, Irene
Coleman, Jeremiah Ezkias
Coleman, John
Coleman, Lucy
Coleman, Nathan
Coleman, Robert J.
Coleman, Sarah Lindell
Coleman, Stephen O.
Conger, James
Connor, Kenneth Wilson
Connor, Kenneth Wilson, Jr.
Conrad, Mary
Conrad, Mary Theresia
Conway, Catherine
Conway, Patrick
Cordes, Carol Marie
Cordes, Gregory August
Cordes, Jane Marie
Cornish, Pat
Cornish, Stanley Gerard
Cornwell, Alex M.
Cornwell, Carole Ann
Cornwell, Constance Lee
Cornwell, Daniel Gerard
Cornwell, M. C.
Cornwell, Robert Claude
Cornwell, Thomas Francis
Costello, Jeffrey P.
Costello, Marianne
Costello, Nicole
Covalt, Anna
Coyle, Ann
Cross, Rose
Cummiskey, Catherine
Cunningham, Daniel Joseph
Cunningham, Nathan Evan
Cunningham, Zachary Thomas
Curdts, George Dilworth
Curdts, Rhonda M.
Curran, Amy
Curran, Catherine
Curran, Christel
Curran, Daniel
Curran, Daniel Francis
Curran, James
Curran, Joanne
Curran, Julia
Curran, Kathryn
Curran, Lorraine
Curran, Megan
Curran, Michael Gerard
Curran, Michael Joseph
Curran, Robert J.
Curran, Robert J.
Curran, Robert M.
Curran, Robert W.
Curran, Rosemary
Curran, Sara
Curran, Sean
Curran, Wayne Francis
Curran, William J.

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