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Electronic Hole Theory

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Have you ever been confused by the
Electronic Hole Theory of Semiconductor Physics?
I do know my stuff when it comes to electronics and
have done a careful study of the illusory phenomenon of
electron flow and here is what I have found.

After years of research, I have come to realize that
the hole theory may Not be Correct.
My theory, which has been proven time and time again
in service shops all across the country, is this.
All Electronic Devices and Especially IC's

Work on Smoke...

Yes, that's what I said, Smoke!
I have recently discovered that every electronic
device manufactured and all IC makers, encapsulate a certain
amount of Black Smoke in every one of their devices.

This smoke is what does the work and
performs the magic of electron flow inside the device.
Undoubtedly, you have often noticed
that a component will quit working when this
encapsulated smoke leaks out.

I have documented this many times and it
conclusively proves my theory.

After all, when a storm comes up, the sky gets black.
The lightening starts to flash through the
black clouds, which must be smoke.
Because when the sky clears and is no longer black
the lightening stops!

So the Smoke is the answer to electron flow...

Here's Proof Positive: Have you ever been able
to operate an electronic component
after the Smoke leaked out?

I rest my case.........

TTUL - 73+ de Gary - KGØZP

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