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Just Plain NonSense

Thanks for venturing into my ham shack!

Try out my easy chair at the control console, turn on the old Hallicrafters World Band and tune up!

This is the place where a little heterodyne, intermod and loud squealing background modulation all merge into one black hole. There is no telling what tightening the bandspread may squeeze out of the airwaves. I hear tell that down the log you may discover some little stories, poems, tales and tidbits of gossip that I had no bandwidth to spread into. Perhaps you may just find something out there that might by a little amusing or in rare cases, even interesting.

Just Plain NonSense

My first addition to this page just happens to be a rather matter of fact scale and informative listing of how ham's categorize each other. Find out who's at the top and who's at the bottom in hamdom! Are you a LID or are you in the Who's Who for Ham's with Class?

We would all like to think that we understand, at least some, of the electronic theory we have studied to pass our last upgrade. Well, here is a little expose' that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the Electronic Hole Theory is not what it's cracked up to be...

A break in the language barrier, not quite!  An Ozark hillbilly's definition of common Computer Terms in plain, tongue in cheek, down home language.

More electrifying short circuits will be added to this page as lightning warms the antenna and needles penetrate the coax!

TTUL - 73+ de Gary - KGØZP

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