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Family Newsletters Index

Welcome to my Family Newsletters Page! After Debi and I moved from St. Louis to Knoxville, we publish a Newsletter at least once a year, sometimes more often, to show the folks back home what we have accomplished thus far, here in our new (yet very olde) crooked little home, with a crooked little roof, situated on a hillside in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Folks inadvertently lose things, especially paper items, so I decided to bring our Family Newsletters on-line, but kept them in a hidden file that only the family knew about. However, memories are short also and no one could remember the name of the hidden file folder to check back on them again.

So it only seemed logical to unprivatize them, remove the personal data of others and make them public and available via a small inconspicuous link on my home page. Well, that didn't work either, I assume it was a little bit too inconspicuous, so now it's spelled out and in the main index for all to see.

Most of the Family Newsletters deal with the landscaping, construction and renovation efforts going on in and around this crooked little house where my wife and I live. Boring to many, but interesting to do-it-yourselfers. So Enjoy if you can!

These are the Original Newsletters as sent to the family on hardcopy with only slight modifications (since they will now be publicly viewable), to block out or remove sensitive private information like telephone numbers, addresses or surnames and a few spelling corrections.

The Family Newsletters have also been converted to Adobe.pdf format so they retain their original flavor and appearance.

Family Newsletters

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